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Tony Tortorici

What is the Little Herbary?

Depending on which customer you ask the answers may vary drastically. Personally, I see us as a natural health and wellness retail store with a focus on all natural, plant based nutritional supplements. We take a bodily systems and symptoms based approach to helping our customers find the right products to meet their health goals. Whether their goal is to support their immune system, naturally manage pain, decrease stress and anxiety, lose weight, detox their body or simply get a better night's rest, we believe that we have the right knowledge, understanding and products to achieve the results they are looking for. 

Some customers would say that we are a CBD store.

They would be correct in a sense. We carry a variety of high quality CBD products that have been third party lab tested for safety and quality.  We take CBD and its potential as a nutritional supplement very seriously. In fact, CBD oil is the very reason that The Little Herbary exists as we now know it. The potential for CBD oil to help relieve the symptoms of so many of our community members was really a driving force for the vision of the store. We take a hands on approach to educating both ourselves and our customers. We never stop studying. If you stop in and we’re not directly helping a customer there is a 95% chance that we are knee deep into the newest studies on CBD. We never stop expanding our knowledge of how CBD works and why so many people are now using and advocating for the use of CBD oil to help relieve symptoms of pain, anxiety, nausea, seizures, sleeplessness, digestive disorders  and even auto-immune conditions. We are not doctors and we do not offer any medical advice, we do not treat, cure or diagnose any conditions. We are, however, familiar with  prescription medications that you may be taking and understand any contraindications that could potentially come into play when considering taking CBD oil.

Other customers would tell you that we are a juice and smoothie bar.

They’re also right. We believe in this quote by Ann Wigmore, nutritionist, author and founder of the Ann Wigmore Institute. “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” Our juices and smoothies are crafted to be all natural and nutritious and are designed to take a bodily systems approach to health. A smoothie for heart health and circulation, one for muscle recovery and still others for digestion or vitamin supplementation. Our juices were crafted with a more eastern philosophy in mind. Each juice is designed to represent one of the seven chakras in your body, these can be thought of as energy meridians and they’re represented by different colors and symbols. These drinks help us set intention for the day and be mindful of the change we are trying to focus on in our life. Difficulty communicating at work or in your personal life? Try a throat chakra inspired drink. Feeling too grounded and are seeking to break through to your more spiritual side? Try a crown chakra drink. 

We also carry supplements that are designed for use with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

We use these supplements often times in conjunction with CBD to help relieve symptoms more effectively.  Struggling with inflammation? A combination of boswellia, turmeric, ginger and CBD may be what your body responds to. Struggling with stress? We carry adaptogenic herbs that have been clinically proven to lower your bodies response to the fight or flight hormone, cortisol.  Cortisol wreaks havoc on your body and even mental function. By limiting your cortisol response we may be more able to help you cope with environmental and emotional stressors. In turn helping your perform better at work, in the gym or in your personal life. We use plants and herbal supplements to help relieve the symptoms of digestive issues, nervousness, irritability, pain, inflammation, insomnia, seasonal allergies, sports injuries, skin irritations, sluggish metabolic function and adrenal fatigue. 

What else might you expect? Ask about a private individualized consultation.

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals. We will help you build your own plan for achieving your health milestones. We offer customized guidance on diets and nutrition aimed at losing weight, lowering blood sugar and decreasing inflammation. We offer a 28 day detox protocol, complete with plant based detoxifying supplements, nutritional advice, smoothie recipes, and weekly consultations.  We also offer guidance and construct plans for reducing stress, incorporating your spiritual life into your everyday lifestyle and meditation techniques.

Not interested in a private consultation but want to know more about what we do and how we do things? Look out for new in-store classes coming out every month.  Seminars about the Endocannabinoid system, herb identification walks through Highland Park, introduction to Somatic Respiratory Integration (breathing techniques to relieve pain and remove store trauma), plant based alternative pain management, herbs for bodily systems, and workshops on DIY herbal tincture making, herbal infusions, skin salves and herbal pain balms.

So whether you see us as a CBD store, a smoothie bar, an herbal supplement shop or an education center there is bound to be something here, at The Little Herbary, for you to discover on your path to wellness. Visit our store at 1409 South Avenue to meet our staff and familiarize yourself with what we have to offer for you. 


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